Volt Athletics

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Volt is a coaching platform designed for coaches and teams.
  • Customizable workouts

    Ability to create personalized workout plans for athletes

  • Data-driven training

    Uses data to track progress and adjust training plans accordingly

  • Mobile app

    Convenient access to workouts and progress tracking on-the-go

  • Limited sport options

    Currently only offers training plans for a few select sports

  • No in-person coaching

    Lacks the personal touch of in-person coaching and feedback

  • Requires equipment

    Some workouts require specific equipment that may not be readily available

  • Potential to expand offerings to more sports and reach a wider audience
  • Opportunity to partner with sports teams to provide training plans for their athletes
  • Potential to integrate with wearable technology to enhance data tracking and analysis
  • Facing competition from other companies offering similar training plans and services
  • Potential decrease in demand for fitness and training services during an economic downturn
  • Negative reviews or feedback from users could harm the company's reputation and sales

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Volt Athletics Plan

Volt Athletics offers monthly and annual subscription plans for their personalized strength and conditioning programs, starting at $29.99 per month.
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