VoxiAI - Voice-driven IVR and automated form-filling

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VoxiAI is an interactive and smart voice assistant that provides real-time guidance to clients during complex conversations. It ensures that clients are always satisfied with the service provided by connecting human agents to the conversation at the right moment.
  • Efficient

    Saves time and reduces manual labor

  • User-friendly

    Easy to use and navigate

  • Accurate

    Minimizes errors and improves data quality

  • Limited language support

    May not be suitable for non-English speaking users

  • Dependent on voice recognition technology

    May not work well in noisy environments or with accents

  • Requires internet connection

    May not be accessible in areas with poor connectivity

  • Can be adapted to different industries and regions
  • Can be combined with existing systems for enhanced functionality
  • Can be tailored to specific business needs
  • May lose market share to similar products
  • Sensitive data may be at risk of hacking or data breaches
  • Changes in laws or regulations may affect product compliance

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VoxiAI - Voice-driven IVR and automated form-filling Plan

VoxiAI offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model for its voice-driven IVR and automated form-filling services, with different versions available.
Pro $ 0 per minute
For more than 50,000 minutes per month
Basic $ 0 per minute
Under 50,000 calls per month
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