Voyage Prive

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Voyage Prive is a private club that offers premium holiday deals at discounted prices exclusively to its members. It is the top travel private sales company.
Voyage Privé
HQ Location
London, United Kingdom
  • Exclusive deals

    Offers unique and exclusive travel deals to its members

  • Personalized recommendations

    Uses customer data to provide personalized travel recommendations

  • Luxury travel

    Focuses on luxury travel experiences

  • Membership required

    Requires customers to become members to access deals

  • Limited destinations

    Offers deals in a limited number of destinations

  • High prices

    Offers luxury travel experiences at a premium price

  • Can expand into new markets to offer more travel deals
  • Can form partnerships with airlines and hotels to offer more deals and discounts
  • Can incorporate budget travel options to attract a wider customer base
  • Faces competition from other websites offering similar travel deals
  • Economic downturns can lead to decreased demand for luxury travel experiences
  • Negative reviews and customer experiences can harm the brand's reputation

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Voyage Prive Plan

Voyage Prive offers exclusive travel deals at discounted prices to its members through flash sales and personalized recommendations.
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