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Voyager is a bulk shipping operations management platform that helps reduce cost, risk, and complexity for charterers, brokers, and manufacturers. It streamlines maritime operations and data flows, automates manual processes, and delivers real-time insights. Customers include Koch Industries, GE, Equinor, OMV, Suzano, and Gyxis, as well as over 180 other companies.
  • Customizable

    Allows for personalized branding and user experience

  • Integrations

    Seamlessly integrates with other software and systems

  • Analytics

    Provides detailed analytics and reporting for user activity

  • Limited Features

    May not have all the features needed for certain businesses

  • Pricing

    Pricing may be too high for smaller businesses

  • Technical Support

    Technical support may not be readily available or responsive

  • Opportunity to expand into new markets or industries
  • Opportunity to add new features and functionality to stay competitive
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other software providers
  • Competition from other similar software providers
  • Potential security breaches or data leaks
  • Changes in regulations or compliance requirements

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Voyager Portal Plan

Voyager Portal offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, starting at $99/month, each with increasing features and capabilities.
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