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vsftpd is a secure and fast FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux, that is stable and GPL licensed.
  • Security

    Supports secure FTP protocols

  • Stability

    Has been around for over 20 years and is widely used

  • Customizability

    Can be configured to fit specific needs

  • Ease of use

    Can be difficult to set up and use for non-technical users

  • Limited features

    Does not have as many features as some other FTP servers

  • Compatibility

    May not work well with some operating systems or configurations

  • Can be integrated with other software and systems
  • Continues to receive updates and improvements
  • Being open source allows for community contributions and support
  • Faces competition from other FTP servers and file transfer solutions
  • May be vulnerable to security exploits and attacks
  • May not have as much support or documentation as some other solutions

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vsftpd Plan

vsftpd offers a free, open-source version and a paid, enterprise version with advanced features and support.
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