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The Only Platform for Secure Enterprise Communications Maintain ownership of all your conversations and data with an app that remains entirely under your control. Leaf is the only communications platform for teams and companies on the market that can keep your enterprise communications secure and convenient by allowing you to host it behind your firewall on your own secure server. Secure file sharing Secure Conferencing Complete Data Ownership End-to-End Encryption Keep your conversations and your data secured and under your organization's control with Leaf’s advanced end-to-end encryption. Self Hosted Servers Take ownership of your own data security by hosting Leaf behind your firewall and on your own secure servers. Your data never needs to leave your organization. Managed Communications Create and manage topic-based channels where you can restrict user access, chat, share files, and make audio and video calls without compromising security. Multiplatform for Anywhere Access Leaf is equipped for multi-platform use, which means your workforce can communicate securely through Leaf's platform from whatever device they need to use to do their job the most effectively. Whether they are in the field on a mobile device, in the office on a desktop, or working remotely from home on a laptop, your entire workforce can continue to communicate together effectively and securely. Integration Leaf is designed to interoperate with other systems using their APIs, which means you can integrate Leaf with the tools and platforms you already use.
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