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Toggl Track is a time tracking app that is flexible and can be used by teams of any size. It saves time and money by syncing tracking across multiple devices in real time and organizing time tracking data in a tiered structure. It eliminates unprofitable projects, uneven work distribution, and manual admin tasks. Toggl Track provides insights, beautiful reports, automatic tracking, and shortcuts.
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  • Ease of use

    Simple and intuitive interface

  • Time tracking features

    Robust time tracking capabilities with detailed reports

  • Integration options

    Seamless integration with popular project management tools

  • Limited project management features

    Not ideal for complex project management tasks

  • Limited customization options

    Limited ability to customize reports and dashboards

  • Limited mobile app features

    Mobile app lacks some of the features available on the web app

  • Opportunity to expand integration options with other tools
  • Opportunity to add more robust project management features
  • Opportunity to add more features to the mobile app
  • Competition from other time tracking and project management tools
  • Potential decrease in demand due to economic downturn
  • Potential security breaches or data leaks

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Review Distribution

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    Average - rated users

    Customers find Toggl Track easy to use and the reports are useful for tracking time entries. However, the desktop app lacks reliability and doesn't back up data, resulting in lost time entries. Tech support was unhelpful in resolving the issue.

  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    Customers love the intuitive and simple way of recording time with Toggl Track, as well as the visual reports. However, some dislike the inability to choose time periods and the timer always being on alert. Overall, Toggl Track solves the problem of accurately tracking time and optimizing organization and accounting.


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Toggl Track Plan

Toggl Track offers a free version and paid plans starting at $10/user/month with additional features such as team management and project tracking.
Free $ Free
Your basic productivity tool Teams up to 5 Tracking time Extra apps Reporting Unlimited projects
Starter $ 10 user/month
A flexible team tracker Unlimited team size Billable rates Time estimates Sub-projects + Everything in FREE
Premium $ 20 user/month
The ultimate management tool Profitability charts Scheduled e-mail reports Tracking reminders Adding time for employees Project burnup charts and forecasting Free training + Everything in STARTER
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