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CareerBuilder is a SaaS platform that offers end-to-end human capital solutions to help employers find, hire, and manage great talent. It provides an easy and intuitive way to post job openings and attract qualified job seekers. The platform combines advertising, software, and services to offer recruiting solutions, employment screening, and human capital management.
HQ Location
Chicago, Illinois
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Large job seeker database

    Access to a vast pool of job seekers

  • Customizable job postings

    Ability to tailor job postings to specific needs

  • Advanced search functionality

    Efficient and effective search capabilities

  • High pricing

    Costs may be prohibitive for some businesses

  • Limited international reach

    May not be the best option for companies with global hiring needs

  • Limited applicant tracking features

    May require additional software for full applicant tracking capabilities

  • Potential to grow and expand into new regions
  • Opportunity to integrate with other HR software for a more comprehensive solution
  • Opportunity to enhance diversity and inclusion efforts through job postings and candidate sourcing
  • Facing competition from other established job boards
  • Decreased hiring activity during economic downturns
  • Decreased demand for traditional job boards due to shift towards remote work

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CareerBuilder Job Board Plan

CareerBuilder Job Board offers three pricing plans: Basic for $219/month, Standard for $299/month, and Pro for $599/month, each with varying features.
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