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  • Accessibility

    Allows colorblind individuals to better navigate digital content

  • Ease of Use

    Simple and intuitive interface

  • Customization

    Users can adjust settings to their specific colorblindness type

  • Limited Functionality

    Only addresses colorblindness, does not offer additional features

  • Niche Market

    Only appeals to individuals with colorblindness

  • Dependent on Third-Party Platforms

    Relies on other websites and applications to implement Colorblindly's functionality

  • Could potentially expand to address other visual impairments
  • Could partner with websites and applications to offer Colorblindly's functionality as a built-in feature
  • Could offer resources and education on colorblindness and accessibility
  • Other accessibility software and tools could offer similar or better functionality
  • Many individuals may not be aware of the need for colorblind accessibility
  • Potential for government regulations mandating accessibility could create additional competition and requirements

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Colorblindly Plan

Colorblindly offers a free version with limited features and a paid version for $4.99 with additional features.
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