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Deep Instinct PREVENTS >99% of UNKNOWN threats like ransomware and zero-days before they land inside your environment – not after. With both an agentless and agent-based approach, we ensure file-based and fileless attacks are prevented. To achieve this, Deep Instinct is pioneering the use of deep learning AI to prevent threats in <20ms, without requiring calls to the cloud for threat intelligence. Our ability to scale to the needs of the enterprise is unprecedented as is our delivery of the industry’s lowest false positive rate of <0.1%. The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform combines industry-leading static analysis based on the only deep learning framework dedicated to cybersecurity and includes two solutions: * Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications is a flexible, containerized and highly scalable solution, deployed via API or ICAP, to scan million so files per day and prevent malicious files from entering storage environments. * Deep Instinct for Endpoints complements EDR solutions by preventing threats pre-execution, minimizing false positives, improving the productivity of SOC teams, and increasing the efficiency of the security stack.
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