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Easy Incentivizer helps businesses to calculate the commissions of their sales agents and managers automatically for the opportunities that they have closed-won. Thus, resolving the headache of managing commissions manually and removing all the manual interventions in calculating commissions. It is a 100% native app on Salesforce and requires no in-app purchase. Here are some of the features of Easy Incentivizer: 1. Commission calculated automatically on the first day of each month 2. Progressive Commissions can be calculated 3. Different Commission Criteria can be defined for each user. 4. Commission Criteria can be stored in a form of a template to be used for other users. 5. Personalized dashboards for each user to see their performance for the last 5 years. 6. Role Hierarchy set up so that sales agents cannot see the dashboard for other users. By using Easy Incentivizer businesses can: ✔ Save Time ✔ Save Costs ✔ Manage Commissions effectively ✔ Define Custom Commission Criteria ✔ Reduce Manual Workload ✔ Manage Performance of Sales Agents easily Your Commission Calculation was never so easy. INSTALL NOW for FREE to initiate Global Growth.
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