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EasyWhistle is a whistleblowing software that offers an anonymous two-way communication channel, making case processing, reporting, and archiving easier. It helps companies meet GDPR regulation, EU Whistleblower Directive, and case reporter requirements. It has modern and cutting-edge security practices for usability and security. There are no setup fees.
  • Easy to use

    Simple and intuitive interface

  • Affordable

    Low cost compared to competitors

  • Versatile

    Can be used for various purposes

  • Limited features

    Lacks advanced functionality

  • Limited customer support

    Limited availability of customer support

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with many other tools

  • Add more advanced functionality
  • Offer more comprehensive customer support
  • Integrate with more tools to increase usability
  • Competitors offering similar products
  • Shifts in customer preferences and needs
  • Decreased demand due to economic factors

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    Customers are satisfied with the fast and uncomplicated adoption of EasyWhistle. The service works as promised and provides the solutions they needed. It solves the EU Whistleblower Directive quickly and easily.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    No mid-rated segment information provided.

  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    Customers dislike that EasyWhistle doesn't provide advanced user permissions, which they don't need.

EasyWhistle Plan

EasyWhistle offers a free basic version and a premium version for $4.99/month with additional features.
Micro $ 29 Per Month
For small companies Includes all features
Basic $ 79 Per Month
For mid-size companies Includes all features
Pro $ 99 Per Month
For big companies Includes all features
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