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Flowhaven redefines how brand licensing teams manage and execute deals by providing them with a customizable and scalable tool to grow their businesses profitably. Design Approval Upload and see your latest designs, collaborate with external partners in real time, and maximize your sales windows. Royalty Management Put down your calculator, and stop calculating royalties in your head. Automate and analyze your royalties with easy-to-understand reporting and dashboards. Agreement Management Draw up and share licensing and contracting agreements without the hassle. Collaborate with your partners to find and approve agreements that work for everyone. Introducing Licensing Analytics by Flowhaven, a new add-on feature that will provide licensing teams with real-time information to empower them to make more informed business decisions. Flowhaven now connects financial, legal, and creative data so teams can manage everything all in one place, making it easier than ever to manage licensing partnerships with one software platform. Flowhaven is a Licensing International member with offices in Los Angeles and Helsinki. contact@flowhaven.com Flowhaven.com
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