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Freshsurvey is a SaaS tool that helps businesses create and deliver NPS and eNPS surveys to customers through multiple channels. It offers features such as scheduling emails, conditional logic, survey throttling, and built-in dashboards and reports to gain actionable insights. Users can act on the feedback received to improve their customer experience.
Freshworks Inc
Suitable for enterprise
  • Ease of use

    Intuitive interface and simple survey creation process

  • Customization options

    Ability to fully customize surveys with branding and design options

  • Real-time reporting

    Instant access to survey results and analytics

  • Limited integrations

    Few integrations with other software and tools

  • Pricing

    Relatively expensive compared to other survey tools

  • Limited question types

    Fewer question types available compared to other survey tools

  • Opportunity to expand into new industries and markets
  • Potential for partnerships with other software and tools to increase integrations
  • Opportunity to add new question types and features to stay competitive
  • Competition from other survey tools with similar features and pricing
  • Potential decrease in demand for survey tools during economic downturns
  • Increased regulations around data privacy could impact survey data collection and storage
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Freshsurvey Plan

Freshsurvey offers three pricing plans: Basic for $29/month, Pro for $49/month, and Premium for $99/month, each with increasing features.
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