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Games for Business is a gamified digital learning platform that helps companies transfer knowledge in an employee-centric and engaging way while improving learning performance. They create an integrated learning experience that combines real-life and digital activities, engages employees to process the content, and supports the company's leadership with relevant insights and data. They provide an easy-to-use platform with a mobile-friendly interface and develop content and create process management. The platform is suitable for companies that want to transfer information efficiently, care about their employer brand and learning experience, engage their future workforce, improve employee retention capability, and need a solution that employees can use whenever and wherever they choose.
Games for Business Ltd.
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  • Engaging

    Games can increase employee engagement and motivation.

  • Interactive

    Games provide an interactive way to learn and develop skills.

  • Customizable

    Games can be customized to fit specific business needs and goals.

  • Costly

    Developing and implementing games can be expensive.

  • Time-consuming

    Creating effective games can take a lot of time and resources.

  • Limited scope

    Games may not be suitable for all types of training or learning objectives.

  • Games can improve employee productivity and performance.
  • Using games for training and development can give a company a competitive edge.
  • Developing and selling games for business use can create a new revenue stream.
  • Employees may not be receptive to using games for training and development.
  • Games may require specific hardware or software that not all employees have access to.
  • Games may pose security risks if they are not properly designed and implemented.

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Games for Business Plan

Games for Business will offer a subscription-based pricing model with three tiers: Basic ($9.99/month), Premium ($19.99/month), and Enterprise ($49.99/month).
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