Great Place to Work

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Employee engagement software for measuring and improving employee satisfaction.
Great Place to Work
HQ Location
Oakland, California
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Reputation

    Well-known and respected brand in the industry

  • Credibility

    Uses rigorous methodology to assess workplace culture

  • Employee Engagement

    Helps companies improve employee satisfaction and retention

  • Cost

    Can be expensive for smaller companies

  • Subjectivity

    Assessment is based on employee surveys, which can be subjective

  • Limited Scope

    Focuses primarily on workplace culture and may not address other business needs

  • Can expand into new markets or industries
  • Can form partnerships with other companies to offer more comprehensive services
  • Can leverage technology to improve assessment and reporting capabilities
  • Facing competition from other workplace assessment and consulting firms
  • May see decreased demand during economic downturns
  • May face increased regulation or scrutiny of assessment methodology

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Great Place to Work Plan

Great Place to Work offers three pricing plans starting at $5,000 per year, with varying features such as benchmarking and custom surveys.
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