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Provide top-notch employee journey. With HRecruitME’s 7 fully customizable system modules. This includes: 1. Talent Acquisition Management - Fully connected with internal and external platforms. Gather all applications in one place and take advantage of the automated shortlisting system to find the best candidates based on skills and your budget. 2. Workforce Management - Get an overview of important employee profiles. This includes personal information, academic and professional backgrounds, benefits, and more. This is easily accessed by both managers and respective employees. 3. Performance Management - Securely track appreciations, rewards, incident and warning logs in one place. This allows for careful monitoring of key performers and overall workforce motivation. 4. HR Audit and Expense Tracker - Summarize the current cost per employee. This includes labor costs, visas, insurance, travel allowances, and more. Generate reports and monitor allocated human resource budgets annually and accurately. 5. Application Management - Gather all leave, advance, or certification requests in one place. Easily accessed by employees and monitored by managers. Eliminate tedious application, follow-up, and approval processes with this module. 6. Payroll Management - Access an error-free and clear salary calculator. Integrated with employee attendances and man-hour summary. 7. Employee End of Service - Designed with a standard exit interview survey and UAE Standard gratuity calculator. Leaving the workforce will be as smooth as joining, and get an insight of your company’s attrition ratio.
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