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Our platform lights up unstructured data from conversations that would otherwise have ended up going dark. powers new age knowledge management solutions that transform the way enterprises capture, share and re-use knowledge. iEngage consolidates and sorts all this information from the content of communications to help you find answers, suggestions or add context to future interactions at scale. It is a passive API enabled platform that blends seamlessly into the Enterprise technology stack. iEngage uses cutting edge Machine Intelligence (your own models or iengage's open-source AI stack) to extract info, insight, and intelligence from interactions that flow through systems of engagement (chat, email, phone calls, etc) and make this available in the form of an API accessible enterprise knowledge graph that can power smarter, resilient automation. Don’t let your enterprise interaction data go to waste, push it through iEngage, to discover, organize and create a reusable knowledge repository that will democratize tribal knowledge across the enterprise. So you can build better experiences for employees, customers and other stakeholders.
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