inCust Loyalty and Rewards

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inCust Loyalty and Rewards is a SaaS solution that provides tools for increasing customer loyalty, promoting goods and services, and rewarding customer activity. It supports a variety of loyalty program scenarios with flexible reward rules, multilevel referral rewards, customer accounts, multiple membership levels, digital punch cards, and more tools. It can be integrated with inCust POS, third-party POS software, or any custom software via API.
Suitable for enterprise
  • Customizable rewards program

    Allows businesses to create unique loyalty programs tailored to their customers

  • Real-time analytics

    Provides businesses with up-to-date data on customer behavior and program effectiveness

  • Omnichannel integration

    Can be integrated with various channels, including mobile apps, websites, and social media

  • Limited language support

    Currently only available in English and Russian

  • Limited payment options

    Only supports a few payment methods, which may not be suitable for all businesses

  • Limited customization options

    Some features may not be customizable, limiting the flexibility of the program

  • Can potentially expand into new regions and languages to reach a wider audience
  • Can potentially integrate with more payment methods to accommodate more businesses
  • Can potentially integrate with more channels to reach customers on more platforms
  • May face competition from other loyalty programs that offer similar features
  • Consumer behavior may change, affecting the effectiveness of the loyalty program
  • Changes in regulations may affect the program's compliance and operations

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inCust Loyalty and Rewards Plan

inCust Loyalty and Rewards offers a free version with limited features and a paid version starting at $49/month with additional features.
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