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Index is a platform that helps companies scale their engineering team by providing access to a global pool of remote engineers. They combine in-country sourcing, a rigorous vetting process, and an easy-to-hire business model to improve the chances of competing and building software products for businesses limited by in-country recruiting.
Index Soft Limited
HQ Location
London, England
Number of Employees
  • Efficient

    Fast and accurate indexing of code repositories

  • User-friendly

    Easy to use interface with customizable search options

  • Collaborative

    Allows teams to share and collaborate on code search results

  • Limited scope

    Only indexes code repositories, not other types of files or data

  • Costly

    Pricing may be prohibitive for smaller teams or individual users

  • Dependency on external sources

    Relies on third-party code hosting platforms for indexing

  • Could expand to index other types of data beyond code repositories
  • Could integrate with other developer tools to provide a more comprehensive solution
  • Could offer more affordable pricing plans for smaller teams or individual users
  • Other code search tools may offer similar or better features
  • Indexing code repositories could raise security concerns for some users
  • Reliance on third-party code hosting platforms could be a vulnerability

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