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Markets grow, consumers evolve, and brands must fight to stay at the forefront of industry. To succeed in this competitive landscape, your team needs an insights partner they can rely on. A partner dedicated to your success. That’s what we do. We thrive on making insight more relevant, more accessible and more impactful – whilst overcoming the modern challenges that research, product and marketing teams face. With offices across the UK, USA and Europe, FlexMR has been at the forefront of developing practical innovations in online market research for over a decade. During this time, we have worked with a variety of the world’s most innovative brands, including The Home Depot, iHeartMedia, Specsavers, Formula One, SkyBet and more. Our InsightHub platform is an end-to-end insights engine – a comprehensive research solution, designed to streamline, scale and supercharge operations. It provides access to powerful tools, robust features and integrated processes that fuel brand growth. The platform enables you to build a fully-profiled database of members from open screeners, access panels and existing customer data. Qual and quant data collection tools facilitate a schedule of continuous research, supported by ongoing member engagement and peer-to-peer communication. Integrated analysis tools help you to quickly build, share and export data from multiple methods and research tasks. You can even involve internal decision makers by taking advantage of robust access controls and clear, concise outputs. Every licence includes secure hosting, data security compliance checks, a comprehensive onboarding programme, 12 hours of support services, bespoke branding and a custom URL for free.
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