Kevlarr DMARC Monitoring

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Kevlarr provides secure communication solutions for online brand and identity protection against various online threats. They implement security standards such as DKIM, DMARC, SPF, BIMI, and DANE, with a focus on supporting MSPs during their DMARC journey.
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  • Real-time monitoring

    Provides real-time monitoring of DMARC records

  • Easy setup

    Easy to set up and configure for any domain

  • Detailed reports

    Provides detailed reports on DMARC record usage

  • Limited features

    Limited features compared to other DMARC monitoring tools

  • No automation

    No automation for DMARC record management

  • No integration

    No integration with other security tools

  • Opportunity to integrate with other security tools for a complete security solution
  • Opportunity to add additional features to compete with other DMARC monitoring tools
  • Opportunity to expand to other markets and increase customer base
  • Competition from other DMARC monitoring tools
  • Potential security breaches that could damage the company's reputation
  • Lack of demand for DMARC monitoring tools in the market

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Kevlarr DMARC Monitoring Plan

Kevlarr DMARC Monitoring offers three pricing plans starting at $99/month with increasing features for monitoring and reporting.
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