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Keystash is a full Identity Access Management and SSH Key Management platform that offers Linux user account and group management, SSH Key deployment and management, SSH server policy management, SSH server two factor authentication enforcement, user privilege management, full audit log history and more. It is designed for businesses that are scaling and offers a disruptive pricing model and generous bundles of included user accounts.
HQ Location
Ruislip, London
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Security

    Uses advanced encryption to protect sensitive data

  • Ease of use

    Simple and intuitive interface for easy navigation

  • Customization

    Allows users to create custom categories and tags for organization

  • Limited features

    Lacks some advanced features found in other password managers

  • No mobile app

    Currently only available as a desktop application

  • No two-factor authentication

    Does not offer an extra layer of security for login

  • Could expand to mobile devices to reach a wider audience
  • Could integrate with other SaaS products for added functionality
  • Could target businesses for team password management
  • Faces competition from established password managers with larger user bases
  • Any security breaches could damage reputation and trust with users
  • If not regularly updated, could become outdated and less appealing to users

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Keystash Plan

Keystash offers a freemium pricing model with basic features for free and advanced features for $5 per user per month.
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