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LuGo-Test offers coding and technical skills testing services to optimize your company's recruitment and selection process. Our service protects against using ChatGPT and other AI means. Featuring: 1. Online Coding Challenges - use coding challenges to see how candidates write, compile, and run code. Browse their compilation history. See how the candidates think. 2. Online technical tests for R&D/IT/QA positions covering more than 300 technologies. 3. Live coding tests - code with your candidate throughout the interview, allowing you to screen interviewees quickly—from any location. 4. Screen-shots-based ML to prevent ChatGPT and other ways to cheat on the test 5. Webcam-based tests – verify that the candidate is the only one taking the test. 6. Custom tests - upload private content and prepare an assessment, whether it's a coding challenge, open-ended or multiple-choice questions. 7. Our service runs on the platform, which supports all security standards, including GDPR. Read more at
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