Mobile First Applications

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MobileFirst is a software development agency with expertise in web, mobile, and eCommerce app development. They specialize in eCommerce, FinTech, SportsTech, Lifestyle, and Wellness based technology solutions and have worked with startups, SMEs, and leading brands such as Volkswagen Korea, NFL/NHL teams, CarWale, Taj, and ITC Group of restaurants. The team consists of 30+ software engineers and subject matter experts with a strong background in technology consulting, startups, and product development.
MobileFirst Applications
  • Accessibility

    Can be accessed from anywhere with a mobile device

  • User Experience

    Designed specifically for mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience

  • Speed

    Optimized for mobile devices, resulting in faster load times

  • Limited Functionality

    May not have all the features of a desktop application

  • Device Compatibility

    May not work on all mobile devices

  • Offline Access

    May require an internet connection to function

  • Increasing number of people using mobile devices for work and personal use
  • Advancements in mobile technology can lead to new features and capabilities
  • Mobile first applications can increase productivity for remote workers or those on-the-go
  • Mobile devices can be more vulnerable to security breaches
  • Other companies may offer similar mobile first applications
  • May be difficult to display all necessary information on a smaller mobile screen

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Mobile First Applications Plan

Mobile First Applications offers a freemium pricing model with basic features available for free and advanced features available for a monthly subscription fee.
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