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Moxie is a digital customer engagement solution, mainly intended for eCommerce businesses. Moxie's main advantage is its ability to anticipate customers' needs by connecting with them and inciting their engagement through the entire digital experience on a variety of devices. It includes Live Chat, Email, Knowledge, and Web Self-Service. Businesses, mainly eCommerce are now able to build more meaningful and profitable interactions with their customers through a concierge-like experience. The platform provides them the possibility to deliver the best engagement offer through the right channel in order to increase complete customer value. For eCommerce professionals, the customer journey is one of the essential parts of their service. Moxie Concierge makes it as accessible as possible, using chat, email, web-self-service and other digital channels, all of it integrated into users' websites. The platform connects the three vital modules that let businesses achieve big results: Digital Engagement, Intelligent Decisioning, and Performance Analytics.
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