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NetDocuments is a cloud-based ECM software that allows users to create, edit, store, locate, and collaborate on documents from any device. It aims to help teams stay focused on outcomes by providing reliable and secure technology.
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Lehi, UT
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  • Cloud-based

    Access documents from anywhere

  • Collaboration

    Multiple users can work on the same document

  • Security

    Encryption and access controls protect sensitive data

  • Cost

    Pricing may be too high for some users

  • Learning curve

    Users may need time to adjust to the new system

  • Limited customization

    Users may not be able to tailor the system to their specific needs

  • Can be integrated with other software for increased functionality
  • Can expand into new markets or industries
  • Can add new features to stay competitive
  • Other companies may offer similar products
  • Security breaches could damage the company's reputation
  • Changes in regulations could impact the company's operations

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Review Distribution

  • đź‘Ť
    High - rated users

    The whole package exists in the cloud. It just works. Indexing Works. Importing Works. User Management Works.When it does go wrong it can be time consuming to get it fixed. Often the issue requires a patch to their software which can take some time to get and implement from them.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    I feel confident our data is secure in Netdocuments.Unfortunately my users, paralegals and attorneys do not find the interface usable, or ability to share files externally impossible.


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NetDocuments Plan

NetDocuments offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, starting at $20/user/month, with additional features and storage available at higher tiers.
LEARN (Add-On Solution) $ Contact Us
Take advantage of this collection of new products to gain a deeper, more actionable understanding of both your documents and how people use and engage with those documents. With LEARN, you will make your content an even more powerful, productive, and intelligent engine for growth and success. Enterprise Search Analytics
ORGANIZE (Core Solution) $ Contact Us
Get the core document capabilities you need to reach new levels of productivity, collaboration, and inspired work—including industry-leading document management, email management, and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions that are built specifically for legal professionals. Document Management Email Management Optical Character Recognition Legal Workflow Automation File Sync Software
PROTECT (Add-On Solution) $ Contact Us
Expand NetDocuments’ built-in, award-winning security capabilities with additional classification features, policy tools for ethical walls and need-to-know security, and audit reporting. Together, the advanced security offerings in PROTECT provide a flexible and robust security framework for your NetDocuments solution, guard against the unauthorized exfiltration and use of content, and reduce the risks of unintentional or malicious data breaches and leaks. Security and Governance Dashboard Data Loss Prevention Geo-Aware File Storage Customer Managed Encryption Keys
DELIVER (Add-On Solution) $ Contact Us
Set up secure, sharable workspaces (similar to extranets or deal rooms), compile and organize content, and collaborate on document sets with people inside and outside your organization. DELIVER offers you another efficient way to inspire your best work—by creating and maintaining a single source of truth for cases and projects, streamlining governance, and reducing the time and costs of compiling documents. External Workspaces Document Bundling
PLAN (Add-on Solution) $ Contact Us
Keep your people and information focused on productivity and results—with easy-to-use tools that coordinate teams and tasks, provide real-time team communication, facilitate task management through checklists and workflows, and make it easier and more efficient to share and collaborate on documents. Real-time Messaging Legal Task Management Collaborative Document Viewer Microsoft Teams Integration
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