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peopleHum is a next generation platform for human capital management that integrates all employee aspects in one view. It offers modules for hiring, engagement, performance, employee experience, and exit. It is available on web, iOS, Android, and chatbots, and includes automation and ML integrated with the latest in HR and people analytics. It starts at USD 2 per employee per month.
Avronia Technologies
Suitable for enterprise
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Union City, California
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  • AI-powered HR analytics

    Provides data-driven insights for better decision-making

  • Unified HR platform

    Integrates all HR functions in one place for streamlined processes

  • Employee engagement tools

    Offers features like pulse surveys, recognition, and feedback for improved employee satisfaction

  • Limited customization options

    May not meet the specific needs of some organizations

  • Relatively new in the market

    May lack the established reputation of more established HR software providers

  • May require additional training

    New users may need time to learn the platform's features and functionality

  • PeopleHum's AI-powered analytics may be in high demand as more organizations seek data-driven HR solutions
  • PeopleHum may have opportunities to expand its customer base beyond its current market
  • PeopleHum may have opportunities to integrate with other popular software platforms to increase its functionality
  • PeopleHum may face competition from more established providers with larger customer bases and more resources
  • A recession or economic downturn may lead to decreased demand for HR software solutions
  • PeopleHum may face challenges related to data privacy and security, which could impact customer trust and adoption

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peopleHum Plan

peopleHum offers three pricing plans starting at $2 per user per month, with features such as performance management and employee engagement.
Core $ 2 per employee / per month
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