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Our Roots: Founded in 2019, Peoplelogic is the leading real-time engagement management platform that delivers personalized recommendations and provides key insights into your org health in 2 minutes or less each day — all without surveys! No #employeemonitoring here. Why Go Surveyless? Employee surveys first emerged in the 1920s to better understand workforce engagement. However, traditional surveys no longer cut it in today’s digital age. Modern studies show surveys tend to be ineffective due to biased data, increasing employee mistrust. So why are we still relying on last century’s tools to solve today's engagement crisis? Measuring Signals That Matter: Our platform unlocks hidden insights within your data to empower people leaders to improve team performance, productivity, and accountability. Whether you’re looking to grow your workforce, benchmark team metrics, or cultivate deeper connectivity, our goal is to humanize unbiased data so you can receive advanced insights and take action at the right time in the right place. Contact us to learn more about how our early warning signals help managers and leaders further combat employee disengagement, burnout, and attrition.
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Startup $ 10 150 Employees
Engagement Starts at Employee 1 Automatic engagement and retention insights – no surveys required! Unlimited access to over 30 Integrations (with 100 more coming) Carefully curated recommendations to drive organizational health SOC2 Type 2 and GDPR Compliance
Growth $ 20 350 Employees
Scale faster, with less risk Everything in Startup plus 10 hour strategic report and session with People Science Team ($3k value) Collaborative Slack channel with our team REST API to support custom integrations Single Sign On Support
People Science Strategic Session $ Contact Us 10 Hours
Get dedicated time from our People Science team to help you analyze your data, suggest actions, build reports for your next offsite, or just ask about how to improve engagement. Analyze Data and Better Understand Charts/Graphs Improve EX Employee Engagement Build Custom Data Reports
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