Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker

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Proofpoint provides the only CASB to meet the needs of security people serious about cloud threats, data loss and time-to-value. We secure Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box, Dropbox, Slack, ServiceNow, AWS, Azure and more. Proofpoint CASB protects organizations from account compromise, oversharing of data and compliance risks in the cloud. Our solution combines: - account compromise and post-compromise activity detection and automated response, - protection against malicious files in the cloud, - data security including data loss prevention (DLP), - cloud and third-party apps governance, - cloud security posture management and -inline access and data controls for managed and unmanaged devices, incl. browser isolation People-centric visibility to email and cloud threats helps you identify very attacked people (VAPs) and protect their data and cloud accounts. Proofpoint CASB is a part of our broader Information and Cloud Security Platform, a cloud-native, comprehensive and contextualized platform that aligns to the industry vision of SASE security use cases.
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