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PurelyHR is modular HR software designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers various modules for tasks such as leave management, employee file management, time tracking, performance management, infraction tracking, and certification management. The software is customizable to fit the specific needs and budget of each business. A free 21-day trial and live demo are available.
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Sherbrooke, Quebec
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  • User-friendly interface

    Easy to navigate and use

  • Customizable features

    Can be tailored to fit specific business needs

  • Affordable pricing

    Competitive pricing for small to medium-sized businesses

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with as many third-party apps as some competitors

  • Limited reporting capabilities

    Reporting features are not as robust as some competitors

  • Limited mobile app functionality

    Mobile app does not have all the features of the desktop version

  • Could increase market share by integrating with more third-party apps
  • Could attract more customers by improving reporting features
  • Could attract more customers by improving mobile app features
  • More competitors entering the market
  • Decreased demand due to economic factors
  • Potential for data breaches and loss of customer trust

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Review Distribution

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    High - rated users

    Easy for employees to ask for paid time off and for managers to approve time off.Assigning the manager can be confusing and the 'allowance' feature can be confusing for employees.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    Easy to use interface and simple to track time off.The 'Special Dates' section and documents page could be improved.


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PurelyHR Plan

PurelyHR offers three pricing plans starting at $2 per user per month, with increasing features and functionality in each plan.
Time-Off $ 25 /Month
Say goodbye to tedious leave management with Time-Off. An industry-leading solution for tracking PTO and other leave types plus automated accruals, policy renewals, and simple requests and approvals. Request and approve time-off requests in a few clicks Shared leave calendar Highly customizable time-off policies Unlimited time-off types Custom accruals and renewals Banked time requests Automatic policy changes Prorated balances Approve from email Sync to Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars
Staff (Core HRIS) $ 5 /Month
Store, manage, and organize employee files with Staff. With your entire team at your fingertips, spend less time on essential tasks such as onboarding, managing employee data, and policy enforcement Secure staff directory Self-serve option for employees Digital signatures Manage multiple locations Onboarding for new hires Upload documents Custom employee profile fields Bulk user upload for quick setup
Performance $ 25 /Month
Your all-in-one performance management solution. With customizable templates, scheduling, goal-setting, feedback, and more, make professional development an ongoing conversation. Create, send, and store reviews Custom review frequency Custom review templates 360-Degree Feedback Reminders for upcoming reviews Insights from other PurelyHR modules Goal setting and tracking
Time-Sheet, Time-Clock $ 15 /Month
Choose from our 2 time tracking modules: Time-Clock and Time-Sheet. Time-Clock: suited to businesses who require employees to clock in & out. Time-Sheet: suited to businesses who track total hours worked or hours worked on specific clients, projects or tasks. Time-Clock: IP restrictions, automated reminders for submitting and approving timecards, dashboard shows who's in and out, configurable reports, integrates with Time-Off, no complicated hardware setup Time-Sheet: 3 formats (simple, detailed, advanced), customizable overtime rules, employee and manager reminders, one-click timer, assign tasks, quick approval process, set task priorities
Talent $ 15 /month
Manage certifications, training, and licenses to stay on top of renewals, ensure compliance, and create robust talent profiles for your employees. Track additional talents including education, language proficiency, professional memberships, and give recognition for a job well done. Track training, certifications, and licenses Email reminders Track additional talents: education, language proficiency, professional memberships, and recognition Upload documents and training materials Set expiration dates to ensure compliance
Warnings $ 5 /month
Improved transparency for employee disciplinary action. Send, track, and store infractions to ensure compliance throughout the disciplinary process. Comprehensive record of all disciplinary actions Custom violation types Choose approval path Email notifications every step of the way Digital signatures Transparent disciplinary process Custom warning actions
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