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PVS-Studio is a SAST solution that helps enhance code quality, security, and safety. The analyzer detects bugs and potential vulnerabilities in C, C++, C#, and Java code on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Features - Supports various analysis types (intermodular, incremental, data flow analysis, taint analysis); - Can be used offline; - Provides cross-platform integration; - Offers ways to handle false positives; - Helps small and large teams maintain code quality. Pros - Quick and high-quality support from the analyzer developers; - 900+ diagnostic rules with detailed descriptions and examples; - Compliance with safety and security standards: OWASP TOP 10, MISRA C, C++, AUTOSAR, CWE; - Detailed reports and reminders for developers and managers (Blame Notifier); - User-friendly ways to handle legacy code, including mass suppression of analyzer’s warnings; - Support of the Open Source Community, analysis of open-source projects; - Integration with SonarQube. Pricing - In the commercial version, prices are set on request and can be changed depending on the required set of features; - Free trial is available; - PVS-Studio may offer a free licensing option to students, MVPs, public experts in security, and contributors to open-source projects.
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