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Valimail is a SaaS company that provides DMARC-as-a-service, which authenticates sender identity and stops impersonation attacks. Their cloud-native products increase DMARC enforcement success rates from less than 25% to over 95%. They are the only FedRAMP-certified platform and the vetted DMARC partner for Microsoft 365 environments and Twilio SendGrid. Valimail also holds leadership positions on every key email authentication standards body.
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San Francisco, CA
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  • Automated email authentication

    Valimail automates the process of email authentication, making it easier for businesses to protect their email domains from phishing and other email-based attacks.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Valimail provides real-time monitoring of email authentication, allowing businesses to quickly identify and address any issues that arise.

  • Easy to use

    Valimail is easy to set up and use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to manage email authentication for multiple domains.

  • Limited functionality

    Valimail's focus on email authentication means that it may not be the best choice for businesses looking for a more comprehensive email security solution.

  • Cost

    Valimail can be expensive, especially for businesses with multiple domains or a large number of email users.

  • Integration

    Valimail may not integrate seamlessly with all email platforms, which could make it difficult for some businesses to use.

  • As email-based attacks become more common, there is a growing demand for email security solutions like Valimail.
  • Valimail has the opportunity to expand into new markets and industries, as businesses of all types and sizes look for ways to protect their email domains.
  • Valimail could form partnerships with other companies in the email security space to offer a more comprehensive solution to customers.
  • Valimail faces competition from other email security providers, some of which may offer more comprehensive solutions or lower prices.
  • Changes to email security regulations could impact Valimail's business, especially if they make it more difficult or expensive for businesses to comply with email authentication requirements.
  • Advancements in email security technology could make Valimail's solution obsolete or less effective over time.

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Valimail Plan

Valimail offers three pricing plans starting at $1,000 per year, with increasing features for email authentication and security.
Free $ Free Per Year
First stop for anyone exploring DMARC – all aboard! Account dashboard Domain dashboard Notification center Precision sender intelligence BIMI availability 10 SPF lookups Limited automated DMARC SOC2, Type 2 certified User-level MFA Role-based access control Knowledgebase articles
Starter $ Contact Us Per Year
Express track for small businesses to start locking down their domain. Everything in the Free tier plus: Active Domain - 1 Up to 100,000 email per month Up to 10 sending services BIMI availability Downloadable reports Unlimited SPF Automated DKIM Unlimited Users
Premium $ Contact Us Per Year
Boost in capabilities to secure larger, more complex ecosystems. Includes everything in Starter tier plus: Active Domain - Up to 5 Up to 750,000 emails per month Up to 15 sending services Comprehensive visibility dashboard Custom metadata Subdomain view Subdomain configuration Automated task list Forced MFA API add-on available Enhanced support add-on available
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