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VIDchain is a decentralized self-rule identity (SSI) service based on Blockchain that provides people control over their identity and facilitates secure user access to online services.
  • Security

    Uses blockchain technology for secure and tamper-proof verification of digital identities

  • Efficiency

    Streamlines identity verification process, reducing time and costs for businesses

  • Integration

    Can be easily integrated with existing systems and workflows

  • Adoption

    May face resistance from individuals and organizations hesitant to adopt blockchain technology

  • Complexity

    May require technical expertise to implement and maintain

  • Competition

    Faces competition from other identity verification solutions

  • Growing demand for secure and efficient identity verification solutions
  • Opportunities to form partnerships with businesses and organizations in need of identity verification
  • Potential to expand into new markets and industries
  • Potential for increased regulation and compliance requirements for identity verification solutions
  • Potential for cyber attacks and data breaches compromising the security of digital identities
  • Potential for decreased demand and budget cuts for identity verification solutions during economic downturns

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VidChain Plan

VidChain offers a freemium model with basic features for free and premium features for $9.99/month.
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