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vtenext is an open-source CRM system that combines CRM and BPM functionalities. It helps businesses engage with prospects and customers by collecting and organizing important information in one place. It provides statistics and reports to gain insights into the performance and outcomes of marketing, sales, and customer service activities. It also has a BPM engine that enables the design and implementation of transparent, automated, and repeatable business processes. A mobile app is available for employees to access information, communicate, and perform operations and tasks associated with prospects and customers.
HQ Location
Milano, Lombardia
Number of Employees
  • Customizable

    Ability to customize workflows and modules to fit specific business needs

  • Open-source

    Access to source code and community support for development and troubleshooting

  • All-in-one

    Combines CRM, BPM, and ERP functionalities in one platform

  • Complexity

    Steep learning curve and complex setup process

  • Limited integrations

    Limited integrations with third-party applications

  • Lack of documentation

    Limited documentation and resources for troubleshooting

  • Increasing demand for all-in-one CRM, BPM, and ERP solutions
  • Potential for expanding functionality and integrations to meet evolving business needs
  • Opportunity to expand into global markets with multilingual support
  • Competition from established CRM, BPM, and ERP providers
  • Potential security vulnerabilities and data breaches
  • Decreased demand for SaaS solutions during economic downturns

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Review Distribution

  • πŸ‘
    High - rated users

    vtenext is one of the world's leading open source CRM developers with an advanced set of tools that can digitize business processes and improve them. It has a free learning environment and a growing community. Additionally, it is developing a marketplace of artificial intelligence algorithms, which allows small and medium businesses to access capabilities that would otherwise be excessively expensive and difficult to apply for this type of company.The internationalization of the tool is one of the most important steps for this product, is translation into multiple languages ​​as well as access to user manuals and development ​​is the challenge to be solved in the immediate future and that will allow its worldwide growth.

  • πŸ€”
    Average - rated users

    The possibility to add fields and customize data input masks is easy to learn and create reports and extract data.The price books and the PDF creator are not liked.

  • πŸ‘Ž
    Low - rated users

    vtenext is an all-in-One CRM solution that allows you to manage all Marketing, Sales and After-Sales activities in a single platform by easily automating and digitizing all business processes, increasing productivity even remotely. It is suitable for SME and big companies.An easier interaction with Google Workspace would be appreciated.


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vtenext Plan

vtenext offers a free community version and paid enterprise versions with pricing based on the number of users.
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