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Ekata is a powerful identity verification and fraud detection and prevention platform designed to help businesses in the ecommerce, financial services and payments industries verify and authenticate the identities of their customers. With Ekata, businesses can confidently onboard new customers, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with regulations. Ekata's Pro Insight is a comprehensive data analytics platform that empowers businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' identities, behaviors, and preferences. With advanced analytics tools, including dashboards, visualizations, and reports, businesses can uncover key insights from their customer data and optimize their acquisition and retention strategies. With the Ekata Identity Engine, data from various sources is combined to create a unified view of each customer, while advanced machine learning and data modeling capabilities enable businesses to build predictive models for informed decision-making. In addition to Pro Insight, Ekata offers a suite of powerful APIs designed to help businesses verify and authenticate customer identities and mitigate fraud. These APIs include: • Account Opening API - Verifies new account applicants' identities, determines fraud risk and reduces onboarding friction, leading to improved customer acquisition rates, mitigating promotion abuse, and maintaining the businesses reputation. • Transaction Risk API - Detects potential fraud in real-time during transactions, decreasing chargebacks and losses, preventing fraudulent transactions and reducing false declines. • Address Risk API - Helps businesses validate and assess the risk associated with an address, reducing the chances of fraudulent activities related to fake or high-risk addresses while identifying low risk geographic zones to streamline the checkout process. • Phone Intelligence API - Provides real-time access to data on a phone number, enabling businesses to verify the phone number's owner and assess the risk associated with it, deterring fraudulent transactions, expediting low-risk sign-ups and simplifying sign-up flows. With Ekata, businesses can access high-quality, global identity data and verification solutions to help them drive growth, reduce fraud, and comply with regulatory requirements. Ekata's products are trusted by businesses around the world, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and are backed by a team of experienced data scientists and customer support specialists.
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