Not Claimed is a SaaS company that offers a software for Amazon sellers or brands to track and improve their product performance on Amazon through data insights, reports, and recommendations.
  • AI-powered

    Uses AI to optimize and personalize content

  • Easy integration

    Seamlessly integrates with existing systems

  • Real-time analytics

    Provides real-time insights into user behavior

  • Limited features

    May not have all the features required by some businesses

  • Relatively new

    May not have a proven track record compared to more established competitors

  • Limited customization

    May not allow for extensive customization of the user interface

  • The market for AI-powered content optimization is expanding
  • Opportunities to form partnerships with other SaaS providers
  • Potential to add new features to stay competitive
  • Competition from established players in the market
  • Rapidly evolving technology may make current features obsolete
  • Increased scrutiny on data privacy may impact user adoption

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Gradient Plan

Gradient offers a freemium pricing model with three paid versions, ranging from $29 to $249 per month, with increasing features.
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