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Virtual Shopping is a SaaS platform that connects online shoppers with in-store experts through live chats and video calls to receive product advice and inspiration. It also allows in-store teams to share photos, videos, and demo products live directly from the store floor to millions of shoppers online, driving brand engagement and loyalty while reducing return rates.
Klarna INC.
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  • Seamless checkout

    Allows customers to complete purchases without leaving the merchant's website

  • Flexible payment options

    Offers customers the ability to pay in installments or delay payment

  • Increased conversion rates

    Reduces cart abandonment and increases sales

  • Limited merchant availability

    Only available to select merchants

  • Limited payment options

    Only offers a few payment options compared to other payment processors

  • Potential for high fees

    Fees may be higher than other payment processors

  • Can increase market share by expanding to more merchants
  • Can increase accessibility by integrating with more e-commerce platforms
  • Can attract more customers by offering more payment options
  • May lose market share to other payment processors with more features or lower fees
  • Decreased consumer spending may lead to decreased sales
  • Changes in regulations may affect the company's ability to operate or increase costs

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Klarna Virtual Shopping Plan

Klarna Virtual Shopping offers a pay-over-time option with no interest or fees, available in three versions based on purchase amount.
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