Knowband Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode Module

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Knowband's Prestashop shipping cost by zipcode module allows Prestashop eCommerce store owners to set different delivery charges based on the zip code of customers in various regions.
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  • Customizable shipping rates

    Merchants can set different shipping rates based on zip codes

  • Easy to install and use

    Module can be installed and configured without technical knowledge

  • Increases customer satisfaction

    Customers can see accurate shipping rates based on their zip code, leading to a better shopping experience

  • Limited to Prestashop platform

    Module can only be used on websites built on the Prestashop platform

  • May require additional configuration

    Merchants may need to adjust shipping settings and rates to fully utilize the module

  • May not be necessary for all merchants

    Merchants with a limited customer base may not need to use zip code-based shipping rates

  • Merchants can offer shipping to a wider range of customers by using zip code-based rates
  • Merchants can charge more accurate shipping rates, leading to increased revenue
  • Merchants can differentiate themselves from competitors by offering more accurate and customizable shipping rates
  • Other shipping rate modules or services may offer similar or better features
  • Module may encounter technical issues or conflicts with other modules or website features
  • Inaccurate or confusing shipping rates may lead to customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews

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Knowband Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode Module Plan

Knowband Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode Module pricing starts at $49 for the basic version and offers advanced features for $99.
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