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Noibu helps eCommerce websites detect revenue-impacting errors on their websites and provides them with the information needed to resolve them. Many websites rely solely on customers to inform them of errors occurring on their site. However, over 90% of website errors are never reported by customers. Noibu monitors your eCommerce site and flags errors in real-time. Whatever the cause, nothing gets missed. The combination of multiple plugins, browsers, devices, and customer activity can result in dozens or even hundreds of website errors. Noibu surfaces the critical errors that are hurting sales and conversions in your checkout. By prioritizing the errors which are hurting sales and conversion, Noibu allows your development team to become a profit centre for your business. Without knowing exactly how an error occurred, developers can spend hours trying to replicate it. Noibu removes all the guesswork by providing detailed videos, web session information and revenue-impact for each error.
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