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platformOS is a model-based application development platform where you have total control over every aspect of your digital build. As an APIs-for-Everything PaaS that leverages GraphQL and Liquid markup, it gives frontend developers the flexibility to build and customize every aspect of a solution and includes foundational integrations to Sendgrid, Twilio, Stripe, and more. platformOS helps developers deploy complex digital projects by leveraging fully customizable code modules, underpinned by comprehensive DevOps in a Box. Implement features by using our ready-to-scale solutions like product and community marketplaces, installing modules created by our partner community from the platformOS Module Marketplace, or writing your own code. What are the main benefits for developers? • We take care of scaling, DevOps, domains, certificates administration, file storage, so that you can focus on the functionality you are building. • platformOS includes payments, emails, SMS integrations, and accommodates integrating with any other 3rd party solution you might need. Forget about taking weeks to set up integrations, and fighting with SSL certificates. • You can duplicate projects into another instance in seconds using the Clone feature, customize it using the pos-cli with livereload support, and re-sell it to other clients. The turnaround never has been quicker when it comes to custom solutions. • Focus on delivering by using our open-sourced social commerce module that you can take for free, enhance as required, and sell as your own. We are constantly working on new features in our all-in-one template giving ever-increasing feature coverage (you can switch features off when they are not needed). • If you need a simple site without dynamic data, maybe a contact form, no problem! We support static sites as well. You can use any static site generator you want, or vanilla HTML/CSS/JS. You have full control. And when you need more, you can add it then. No closed doors, it’s still the same platform that is truly scalable, flexible, and extensible. How our partners thrive with platformOS: Learn more from our award-winning documentation: Try out platformOS: Video:
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