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Credle is a SaaS product that offers an integrated income-expense and udhar-jama khata management system for businesses and individuals. It includes 4 different khata types, one-click entry for jama udhar transactions, daily summary reports, reminders for credit clearance, and 100% free SMS for every transaction to customers. The system can be used offline, with backup and sync available whenever connected to the network. Credle also offers customer support and is safe to store all accounts and backups online. It supports many regional languages and can be used for personal credit keeping or business accounts. The app is designed specifically for Indian businesses and is easy to use.
Thoughtmate systems
  • Efficient

    Automates resume screening process

  • Customizable

    Allows for tailored job postings and candidate evaluations

  • Collaborative

    Enables team-based hiring decisions

  • Limited Integration

    May not integrate with all HR systems

  • Cost

    Pricing may be prohibitive for small businesses

  • Limited Features

    May not have all the features of larger HR software suites

  • Increased demand for HR software solutions
  • Potential for partnerships with other HR software providers
  • Opportunity to expand into global markets
  • Competing HR software providers with similar offerings
  • Decreased demand for HR software solutions during economic downturns
  • Changes in labor laws and regulations may impact HR software usage

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credle Plan

Credle offers a freemium pricing strategy with basic features for free and premium features for $9.99/month.
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