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mjPRO is a SaaS-based P2P platform that digitizes the procurement chain from "Plan to Pay" by connecting all data and stakeholders. It can be integrated with any ERP and even work standalone. The platform has an integrated auction engine and Analytics for empowering procurement leaders with supplier and category intelligence. The unique Smart Template technology allows mjPRO to be conveniently used for buying anything from simple MRO to Project /service buys with large BOQs. mjPRO is a one-stop solution providing software, implementation and post activation support. The pay-per-use cloud-based solution ensures scalability and faster ROI. mjPRO also has a robust supplier base and our intelligent platform aids in suggesting sources as per category and buying patterns.
  • Automation

    Automated marketing campaigns

  • Analytics

    In-depth analytics and reporting

  • Integration

    Integration with popular CRMs and email marketing tools

  • Pricing

    Expensive pricing plans

  • Ease of Use

    Steep learning curve for beginners

  • Limited Features

    Limited features compared to competitors

  • Opportunity to expand into new markets
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other SaaS companies
  • Opportunity to add new features and improve existing ones
  • Intense competition from established players in the market
  • Potential impact of economic downturn on customer spending
  • Potential security breaches and data leaks

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mjPRO Plan

mjPRO offers three pricing plans: Basic ($19/month), Pro ($49/month), and Elite ($99/month), each with increasing features and benefits.
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