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Corsizio is an event registration platform that allows instructors and event organizers to create event and registration pages for various educational events. It has a user-friendly interface, advanced technology, high security, and excellent customer service.
Matrix Fusions Inc.
  • Ease of use

    Intuitive interface and simple setup process

  • Customization

    Flexible options for branding and event customization

  • Affordability

    Competitive pricing for small to medium-sized businesses

  • Limited features

    Lacks some advanced features compared to other event management software

  • No mobile app

    No dedicated mobile app for attendees or organizers

  • Limited integrations

    Fewer integrations with other software compared to competitors

  • Potential for adding more advanced features to compete with other event management software
  • Opportunity to develop a dedicated mobile app for attendees and organizers
  • Opportunity to expand integrations with other software through partnerships
  • Competition from other event management software providers
  • Potential decrease in demand for event management software during economic downturns
  • Increased focus on data security and privacy may impact customer trust

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Corsizio Plan

Corsizio offers a free version with limited features and paid plans starting at $10/month with additional features and customization options.
Regular Usage Billing $ 0 Per Registration
Corsizio has pay-per-use pricing where all registrations are billed at $0.10 (ten cents) when they go above the low volume usage. This includes unlimited events, unlimited users, and access to all features.
Online Payment Fees $ 1 Per Online Payment Transaction
Corsizio has pay-per-use pricing. If an event collects online payments, there is a $1.00 service fee that goes to Corsizio and standard credit card fees that go to Stripe, our payment processor. This includes unlimited events, unlimited users, and access to all features.
Low Volume Usage $ 0 Up to 50 Registrations Per Month
Corsizio has pay-per-use pricing and is free to use for low volume usage that includes up to 50 registrations per month. This includes unlimited events, unlimited users, and access to all features.
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