Creative Realities

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Creative Realities, Inc. provides digital signage-based solutions for various industries, including retail, healthcare, and entertainment. They offer end-to-end solutions, including software, content creation, hardware procurement, installation, and post-deployment services. Their Adlogic platform can monetize digital networks as an advertising channel to generate revenue for clients.
Creative Realities
HQ Location
Louisville, KY
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Innovative technology

    Uses cutting-edge technology to create unique and engaging experiences for customers

  • Strong partnerships

    Has established partnerships with major brands and retailers

  • Customizable solutions

    Offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client

  • Limited market

    Targets a niche market of retailers and brands, limiting potential customer base

  • High cost

    Pricing may be prohibitive for smaller businesses

  • Limited scalability

    May be difficult to scale solutions for larger businesses or multiple locations

  • Increasing interest in immersive customer experiences presents opportunity for growth
  • Potential to expand into new industries or geographic regions
  • Potential to form new partnerships with complementary businesses
  • Facing competition from other companies offering similar solutions
  • Economic downturns may lead to decreased demand for non-essential services
  • Rapidly evolving technology may make current solutions obsolete or less desirable

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Creative Realities Plan

Creative Realities offers a tiered pricing strategy for its digital signage software, with basic and advanced versions available at different price points.
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