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Crowdpurr is an Audience Engagement Platform that offers live trivia and live polling features for virtual and live events. It allows for lead capture, data and lead export to Excel, and dynamic multi-question format polling.
HQ Location
West Covina, California
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Engaging

    Interactive and engaging features

  • Customizable

    Highly customizable to fit specific needs

  • Real-time

    Real-time updates and results

  • Limited integrations

    Limited integrations with other software

  • Pricing

    Pricing may not be suitable for small businesses

  • Learning curve

    May require some time to learn and set up

  • Growing market for interactive event software
  • Opportunities for partnerships with event planners and agencies
  • Potential for new features and updates to stay competitive
  • Competition from other event software providers
  • Potential impact of economic downturn on event industry
  • Potential security risks and data breaches

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Crowdpurr Plan

Crowdpurr offers three pricing plans: Basic (free), Pro ($49/month), and Premium ($149/month) with increasing features and capabilities.
Free Basic Plan $ Free Always
Get started on smaller crowds. Our free Basic Plan allows you to try out almost every major feature of our platform including all trivia, voting, and playback functionality. You can get started on your friends and colleagues and then upgrade to one of our higher-level plans. 20 Participants Per Experience 10 Question Limit 3 Experiences Multi-Round Individual and Team Trivia Standard Feature Set Including Experience Dashboard, Projector View, & Mobile-Client Crowdpurr Logo & Ads
Classroom Plan $ 49 Monthly
Advanced Features for Medium Crowds. This plan has maximum value for a low price and includes customization features like custom logo branding and data-exporting to Excel. 100 Participants Per Experience 100 Questions Per Experience 10 Experiences Upload Custom Branding Logos Create Image/Video-Based Questions Fully Automatic Looping Playback Mode Export Results, Audience Votes, & Participation Data To Excel Free Customer Support Via Email & Phone
Seminar Plan $ 149 Monthly
Advanced Customization for Larger Crowds. The Seminar Plan adds support for larger crowds of up to 500 participants and includes custom data features like advanced Crowd Lead Capture collection, Multi-Language Support, and Experience Code customization. 500 Participants Per Experience 25 Experiences Set Custom Crowd Access Codes For Experiences Powerful Crowd Lead Capture Tools - Collect & Export Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, & More From Your Crowd! Multi-Language Support For Your Crowd All Features of the Classroom Plan
Conference Plan $ 249 Monthly
White-label branding for huge crowds. The Conference Plan gets serious about branding and customization with custom logo branding, custom background uploading, custom URL for your participants, and custom colors on UI elements. With the above features you can create a 100% white-label solution based around your brand or event. 1000 Participants Per Experience 50 Experiences Fully Branded Experiences with Custom Background Uploading Set Branded Custom Domains & URLs For Your Experiences Complete White-Label Interactive Event Solution All Features of the Seminar Plan
Convention Plan $ 499 Monthly
High-End Advertising Features for Massive Crowds. Our largest off-the-shelf platform supports massive crowds of up to 5000 per event and allows custom advertisement and spot creation so you can monetize participant from sponsors at your event. 5000 Participants Per Experience 100 Experiences Upload Custom Ads & Sponsor Logos - Monetize Ad Space Dedicated Servers Provisioned For Your Experiences All Features of the Conference Plan
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