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Digtective helps marketeers optimize ad performance, cut wasted ad spend by 20-50%, and increase revenue growth, for the same amount of advertising cost you spend today ... cookieless. Trusted by marketing, compliance, and executives in Financial Services, SaaS, and Agencies. COOKIELESS CONVERSION TRACKING Digtective's server-side analytics platform helps marketeers track website conversions from any of your Facebook and Google ads, affiliate, organic social media posts, and any other of your online assets. CONNECTS WITH YOUR CRM SYSTEM TO MEASURE MARKETING EFFECT THROUGH THE ENTIRE SALES CYCLE Digtective integrates to both your Facebook and Google ad account, and your CRM system to provide you with actual campaign profitability, based on you ad spend and the sales metrics that matter to your SaaS or eCommerce business. This means that Digtective can use your delayed (offline) conversions and sales metrics in your analytics. REPORTING DONE IN MINUTES ACROSS AD CHANNELS, WEBSITE, & SALES SYSTEM All your marketing data in ONE place. No more data collection that takes up hours and days of your time. Digtective can send your data to Excel, Google Data Studio, or your data warehouse for data visualization and automated reporting. 100% ACCURATE CONVERSION ANALYTICS Digtective integrates directly to your data sources; Ad accounts, CRM system, and webserver, and do not rely on third-party cookies, so your data is now more accurate than ever before. GDPR, CCPA, & e-PRIVACY COMPLIANT Eliminate the risk of unintentionally collecting privacy information in your analytics data. With Digtective you analytics data is GDPR and CCPA compliant, as Digger is not using your visitors browser cookies (third-party cookie) and do not store any privacy data. Our unique tracking code appended to your URL in your ads and online assets, is picked up server-side on your website, thereby rendering the browser cookie completely unnecessary for Digtective.
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Digtective Plan

Plans & Pricing $ 249 Per Month
€249 per month plus €2 per lead. Best plan if you are a new business and need the best “cookieless” conversion tracking tool help you reach profitable growth. €2 per lead Api to 1 CRM system Connection to Google + Facebook Connection to webserver Data export to Excel and Google Data Studio All marketing data in one place 1 domain Email support Unlimited active ads
PRO $ 1 Per Month
Best plan for existing businesses with more than 873 leads per month, may ads, and want a clear path to profitable growth. ALL in “Starter” plus: Unlimited leads (no cost) Data export via API Quarterly reviews Dedicated Success Manager Email + phone support
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