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Drip is a marketing automation platform designed for ecommerce brands to drive repeat purchases and brand loyalty. It provides powerful tools to understand and market to customers, turning customer data into dynamic segments and engaging them with one-off and automated marketing campaigns. Drip offers automations, emails, and onsite messages to keep customers coming back for more purchases, while also providing beautifully-designed emails and advanced popups in one platform. A 14-day trial is available for those interested in trying Drip.
HQ Location
Minneapolis, MN
Number of Employees
  • Automation

    Automated email campaigns

  • Personalization

    Personalized email content

  • Integrations

    Integrates with various e-commerce platforms

  • Pricing

    Relatively expensive compared to competitors

  • Limited Features

    Limited A/B testing options

  • Learning Curve

    May take time to learn and navigate the platform

  • Growing demand for email marketing automation
  • Potential for new features and integrations
  • Opportunities for partnerships with e-commerce platforms
  • Intense competition in the email marketing automation market
  • Increased scrutiny on data privacy and security
  • Potential decrease in demand due to economic downturn

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Drip Plan

Drip offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of contacts, with features such as automation, integrations, and support.
Free Trial $ Free Trial Per Month
14-day free trial (no credit card required) Access to All Features Free Migration No Credit Card Required
Basic $ 39 Per Month
2500 subscribers Unlimited email sends Phone, email, and live chat support Free migration and workflow implementation ($3,250 value)
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