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Hurree is a Pinboard for your Analytics. Our intuitive platform enables users to collect data from across all of their favourite tools to create effortless company reports on one dashboard. Our software solution connects with a variety of tools including HubSpot, Facebook WooCommerce and Stripe allowing teams to effortlessly build visual dashboards that track their most valuable KPIs without limits. Add team members, send snapshots and set up custom performance indicators all on your Hurree reporting dashboards.

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Hurree Plan

Starter $ 69 Per Month
Perfect for small teams to display a high-level overview of their key metrics for daily and weekly reporting. 4 Connectors 4 Dashbaords 1 Private Dashboard 150 Widgets 5 Users
Starter + $ 99 Per Month
Small teams that require a little bit extra. 5 Connectors 6 Dashboards 4 Private Dashboards 300 Widgets 10 Users
Professional $ 159 Per Month
Reporting for mid-sized businesses that want to bring together a wide range of data from across various departments. 8 Connectors 10 Dashboards 10 Private Dashboards 2000 Widgets 25 Users
Professional + $ 199 Per Month
Mid-sized businesses that require a little bit extra. 10 Connectors 15 Dashboards 15 Private Dashboards 3000 Widgets 40 Users
Freemium $ Free Per Month
No payment method required simply sign up today and get access to your free-forever account. For the first 7 days, you’ll have the opportunity to try out all our features with our Professional tier for free. 1 Dashboard 10 Widgets 3 Connectors 1 User
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