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Insense is a SaaS platform that connects brands with a community of over 20,000 creators to generate user-generated content for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. It offers high-performing mobile-first creatives, direct access to verified creators, and influencer whitelisting with just one click. Insense supports over 700 brands and growth agencies across various industries in the US, CA, UK, Australia, and Germany.
HQ Location
New York
Year Founded
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  • Analytics

    Insense provides detailed analytics to track the performance of social media campaigns.

  • Influencer Database

    Insense has a large database of influencers to choose from for campaigns.

  • Automated Campaigns

    Insense allows for automated campaigns to save time and effort.

  • Limited Platforms

    Insense only supports Instagram and Facebook for campaigns.

  • Pricing

    Insense can be expensive for small businesses or individuals.

  • Limited Customization

    Insense has limited options for customization of campaigns.

  • Insense could expand to support more social media platforms for campaigns.
  • Insense could introduce lower pricing tiers to attract more small businesses or individuals.
  • Insense could introduce more customization options for campaigns.
  • Insense faces competition from other influencer marketing platforms.
  • Changes in social media algorithms could affect the performance of campaigns on Insense.
  • Influencer fraud could affect the effectiveness of campaigns on Insense.

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Insense Plan

Insense offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, starting at $99/month for the Basic version and increasing to $499/month for the Pro version.
Trial Month $ 500 Per Month
Try our platform today, test all the features and launch your first campaign for UGC, organic posting, and whitelisted ads. Just 1 advertised brand Just 1 campaign Marketplace fee 20% Automatically upgrades to quarterly plan after 1 month
UGC $ 400 Per Month
Scale UGC production for your paid social channels with raw footage or ready-to-use ad creatives. Billed at $1,200 every 3 months Up to 3 advertised brands Unlimited campaigns Unlimited creators to hire Customer Success Manager
UGC + Creator Ads $ 450 Per Month
Scale your UGC ads production, grow organic reach via creator partnerships + optimize whitelisted ads on TikTok and Instagram. Billed at $1,350 every 3 months Up to 3 advertised brands Unlimited campaigns Unlimited creators to hire Customer Success Manager 10 creator licenses
Advanced $ 1 Per Month
Get dedicated support to manage all your creator marketing campaigns for you on the platform. Hand-picked top Insense creators Creator management Creative strategy support Unlimited creatives post-production
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